Does Skinkraft works | 3 month use honest review


This review is on the products from Skinkraft Laboratories. The cleanser, spot corrector and Moisturizer. The products are enriched with ingredients like glycerin, Hyluronic acid, Beta products and many more according to your skin type. Yes they customize the products just for your skin type the care so that it works 100 %.

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Rs 1699/-

Contains: Cleanser, Spot corrector and Moisturizer

Everyone wants to follow skin care religiously, but only a few maintain it. If you want to have glowing and healthy skin, right skin care steps such as cleansing, exfoliating, toning and finally moisturizing should be followed. Wash your face before using a cleanser.

*Skin Cleansing (Syndet Face Cleanser): Skin cleansing is one of the first steps to skin care. Use a makeup remover or oil/water-based cream to take off the makeup. After drying skin, use a cleanser that suits your skin type. Apply cleanser on your skin and rub gently in a circular manner and wash your face again with water. To be done daily.

*Spot correction (Dark spot correction serum): After cleansing, small amount of product into your palm and apply it all over your face. This product needs to be applied before using your moisturizer. Include this step at night time only.

*Skin Moisturizing: Skin moisturizing is crucial to prevent cracks, dry and dull skin. When your skin is dry, it causes itchiness. Apply thick moisturizing cream on your skin. Thick moisturizers are light in nature and keep your skin protected for long hours. If a moisturizer suits your skin type, it should feel comfortable on your skin.

Skin Toning: Use alcohol based astringent or herbal skin tonics. This will help closing the pores opened by cleanser and scrubing.( Biotique cucumber toner) .In cosmetics,  simply toner or skin toner refers to a lotion or wash designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores, usually used on the face. It also moisturizes, refreshes and protects the skin. Toners can be applied to the skin in different ways: Spraying onto the face, On a cotton round


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