How to Apply Lashes| Step by Step


Have you been always stuck at applying lashes or apply with lot of effort? I was also not a big fan of those but realized later that small things brought a huge change in the makeup game. It sounds really nice while reading or seeing others while applying lashes and many attempts were made by me when I had to apply to my first bride. I practiced like 20-25 times in 3-4 days.

As a matter of fact, now I can’t do single look without falsies. I have a range from large junky lashes to soft not so visible lashes. So, let’s talk about the steps:

I am using the lashes from, Digital shoppy. They say its natural but believe me they are monstrous, though they looked sexy.

1. First measure the lashes against the actual eyelid and trim the excess (while you are holding them not while measuring on eyes).

2. Apply the glue along the lash wand, little more on both edges. Wait for at-least one minute until the glue becomes tacky. Tacky means when glue starts to make thread while you press between two fingers.

3. Now look in the mirror, preferably below your eye level or look down if applying in front of big mirror, extend your eyelids like you almost closed the eye.

This process will pull your head backward which is much easier way to apply lashes rather than seeing straight and applying. Stick the lash in the middle, then on the outer corner and move it along the sides if required.

When you are ok, next stick them to inner corner. Don’t close your eyes while applying as it changes eye shape. Once done use tweezer to adjust it.

4. Use eyeliner to coverup the want.

5. Admire the lashes from every angle and enjoy it. Once you get hands on it, you are trapped forever.

Watch the video :


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