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Review Loreal Casting crème gloss hair colour| Garima Verma Makeup Studio | I wanted to change my hair colour as I have done highlights like 2 years back. I have experience in retouching my roots for grey hair but doing for whole length of hair is kind of scary to think about. But I did my research for best, affordable, no ammonia and non-bleach hair colour. So, I ended up finding Loreal casting crème gloss hair colour in the shade Mahogany.

Luckily, I’ve learned a lot from my experience and today I’m going to show you how to easily dye your hair without all the trouble. The hair colour is different from usual brown tone colours. Also, I did not want it to be too red because it might not look good with the looks I shoot for YouTube. This was the best choice for me and easily available in all the supermarkets, stores or online. The MRP for today was Rs 550/-. At-home hair dye is perfect if you’re doing a single process or one colour. The Loreal casting crème gloss hair colour is single use, demi-permanent hair colour that lets you quickly and easily colour your grey hair, bleached hair and normal hair to give that shine and reflection like natural hair as claimed by the company which we are going to see. So, it’s quite easy do mix, shake, then apply. So, this is how I did it: Start by putting on your gloves and reading the instructions. Now, carefully pour the liquid colour into bowl along with developer. There are several ways to apply the colour I choose a traditional way. I used hair colour brush to apply on each section. I had applied a dark brown shade from Loreal Professional, Majirel, dark brown No. 3 shade from roots to two inches of hair length and from there I have applied the mahogany colour till tip. As I was applying two colour I have used different set of tools for both. Then set your timer and let process for just 15 minutes. I have thick hair so I have prepared the mixture two times by diving in half other till the time I reach the half section the colour would have developed and might not give that much effect. Now all you need are the finishing touches. Rinse your hair until the water runs clear, shampoo, condition with mask in the pack and you’re done! How did you like my take on this do write down in comment section.

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